What is the Museum world’s favourite Disney song?

Ariel showing us her collection of Human Stuff
Ariel showing us her collection of Human Stuff

Part of Your World from The Little Mermaid’s Oscar Award winning score is the go-to Disney anthem for anything museological. It’s about a collection and a desire for knowledge with just a soupcon of teenage angst thrown in for good measure. I’ve referenced it in more than one blog post, the fab team at The Ministry of Curiosity have done likewise.

Part of Your World clearly holds a special place in the hearts and minds of Museum Folk.

The inimitable Russell Dornan, who managed the Wellcome Collection‘s Digital Presence, giving us such wonderful moments as an exploration of the collection through the medium of Britney Spears’ back catalogue and this thoughtful reflection on Buffy the Vampire Slayer  has bid adieu to the place for the incurably curious for pastures new with this *iconic* thread.

This got me wondering – with all the references we make to Part of Your World, is it the Museum world’s favourite Disney song?

Taking to Twitter and this Blog’s Facebook page, I asked my Museumy followers what their favourite Disney songs were. I know, it’s like asking what someone’s favourite book is. Or your favourite child. DON’T MAKE US CHOOSE.

The results that came back were… surprising. I was expecting to see plenty of songs from The Little Mermaid (she collects things), from Beauty and the Beast (we have just seen a remake, more to the point – the OBJECTS ARE ALIVE) and from Hercules (Ancient Greece and museums go together like an Alan Menkin soundtrack and a Disney film).

With 70 votes cast, 35 songs in the mix and 16 films getting mentioned – what is the museum world’s favourite Disney song?

1.I’ll Make a Man Out of You – from Mulan (1998). This Donny Osmond voiced track came out tops. It looks like we’re all about getting down to business and erm, defeating Huns?

2.Colours of the Wind – from Pocohontas (1995). A song about a woman questioning a man’s deep, deep ignorance alongside protecting and celebrating her culture – yes, of course this is popular with people whose job it is to challenge ignorance.

3.=Be Prepared – from The Lion King (1994).  A few people were a bit concerned about what this said about their character, but loving a Nazi-inspired villain song isn’t all bad. One person told me they “just love meticulous planning.” DON’T WE ALL!

3=Tale as Old as Time – from Beauty and the Beast (1991). Angela Lansbury is a singing teapot. Why isn’t this higher on the list?

3= Friend Like Me – from Aladdin (1992). We all want a friend like Genie. This song is SHEER JOY.

6= Poor Unfortunate Souls – from The Little Mermaid (1989). Another villain song, but this time minus the questionable associations, rather, it was a YASS SLAY KWEEN reaction (no, I’m not sure what means either).

6= Part of Your World – from The Little Mermaid (1989). At last!

6= Won’t Say I’m in Love – from Hercules (1997). Meg. Sass, class and utterly robbed of Disney Princess status. Yes, I’m still mad about this.

Other songs only got a single vote, so I won’t list them all. So, what have we learned? Mostly, that museum folk are not to be messed with (2 villain songs! Defeating Huns!).

But is Part of Your World the most popular Disney song in the museum world? It appears not.


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