Nominations open for Family Friendly Museum Award 2017

Yes, the most mammoth award in the museum world is back! Nominations are open for the Kids in Museums Family Friendly Museum award.

Kids in Museums
Kids in Museums

Museums, galleries, heritage sites and any other cultural venue that can stretch its definition to museum have until noon on the 2nd June 2017 to answer one simple question:

What makes *you* the most family friendly museum in the UK?

What is it that makes your place so special that families come back again and again? If, as a museum, you’re not sure where to go about answering that question: ask your families. They know *exactly* why they keep returning and just what makes it special to them. Having volunteered for Kids in Museums for years, I’ve helped whittle entries down for both long and short lists and some of the things people have written about their favourite museum have been genuine, heart-felt and oh-so-very-moving. (No, you have something in your eye!)

How to make a nomination?

Anyone can nominate in the Family Friendly Museum Award. Museums, you can nominate yourselves and put together a compelling case on what makes you the best.

People who visit museums – you can nominate too!

The easiest way to nominate for the Family Friendly Museum Award is to email and tell the team why a museum should win. A simple “I nominate museum x” doesn’t tell them anything! Remember what your teacher said at school – you have to back up your answer with evidence.

Putting pen to paper is also an option, if one still has both things to hand. And a stamp. Send your postal votes to:

Family Friendly Museum Award
Kids in Museums
CAN Mezzanine
7 – 14 Great Dover Street
London SE1 4YR

And, for the first time, there’s an online form as well.

So, what happens after that?
Once all the nominations are in – don’t forget that 2nd June deadline! A team of  dedicated Kids in Museums volunteers wade through mountains of nominations and whittles them down to a shortlist. Over the years we’ve been sent pyramids, themed picnic baskets, and even a ladybird costume! As fun as these are, the team hone in on what really matters – what the visitors have to say.

The shortlist will be announced on 22 June 2017, so keep your eyes peeled and your fingers crossed!

Over the summer, the shortlisted museums are road-tested anonymously by families, using the Kids in Museums Mini Manifesto as a guide to score family friendliness.

Good luck everyone!

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