What happened at the UK Blog Awards 2017

Friday night was the UK Blog Awards 2017. It was an evening I’d been anticipating since January, when I found out that my adventures in museum land had made it to the finals.  I was very excited. Very excited indeed.

Who doesn’t like an excuse to get dressed up?

It’s #UKBA17 time! #selfie #blogging #award good luck to all the finalists. You’re all awesome.

A post shared by Jack Shoulder (@museumadventures) on Apr 21, 2017 at 11:02am PDT


The event was sponsored by ODEON Cinema and the whole shebang had a super-hero theme to celebrate the fact that all the finalists are blogging heroes. Or potential monarchs…

(I’m not sure what is going on here either. And this was before the drinks! Did anyone else see Supergirl making balloon animals?)

My category was Arts and Culture, which saw representation from more areas than you might think. Alongside my Museum Adventures, there was; the book blog Random Things Through My Letter Box; movie blogs JumpScare and Cineroom; music industry blog Sunny Stuart Winter; musical theatre loving blogger Sincerely Amy; London explorer extraordinaire Diary of a Londoness; and Inkluded, all about tattoos.

The diversity of subjects in this category alone was really quite something. I can’t speak for the others, but for me, making it to the finals hadn’t really sunk in properly until this moment:

Seeing my name, and blog, and picture in print. It was official, and now there is concrete proof of it!

But – who was the winner? Arts and Culture was up first so we didn’t have to wait long to find out.

Having checked out the (friendly) competition, I didn’t envy the judges their job at all. Well. Maybe a little bit – who doesn’t enjoy reading scintillating content?

When the envelope was opened announcing the Highly Commended blogs, I held my breath. Could this be me?  I wondered. No, it was JumpScare and Cineroom! Hats off to them – they are both *very* good film blogs. Then, the winner. If there was tension before, it increased tenfold now. I tried to do some maths in my head, were my chances better or worse now that 2 blogs were out of the running for this one?

The winner was… Inkluded! Congratulations to Beccy Rimmer who runs it – excellent work!

That was the Individual category completed – next came the Organisations. Naturally, I was rooting for the Bodleian Library to win (Books! People I know from the internet!) and was chuffed when they snagged the Highly Commended title. English Heritage won. They also won best travel blog. I hope someone was able to successfully negotiate a pay-rise when they got back to the office!

So, am I disappointed I didn’t win? Surprisingly, no. I was thrilled to bits with making it to the finals, and now it gives me something to aim for next year. I wonder if the judges can give feedback?

Would I go for the award again? Of course I would.

Once again, well done to everyone who made it to the finals of the UK Blog Awards 2017, what an incredible achievement!


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