Might to the mini!

Kids in Museums are a fantastic organisation that shouts from the rooftops about what museums and galleries and all sorts of places can do to help families make the most of the treasures that lurk in the hallowed halls of these cathedrals of culture.

To help museums understand just how they can go about being a bit friendlier, they have a 20 point manifest0. Twenty whole points can feel like a whole lot of work, no matter the size of an organisation. You could say, it feels like a mammoth task…

Kids in Museums

I couldn’t resist that one.

Brevity, as someone once said, is the soul of wit. Twitter has shown that we can fit a lot into 140 characters. The best things come in small packages, and, for some reason, tiny chocolate bars are known as ‘fun size.’

My point is, the mini can be mighty, the puny pack a powerful punch, and the little can say a lot.

Today, Kids in Museums launched their Minifesto. A bite-sized chunk of helpful tips and advice on how museums can do more to welcome families, make them feel at ease and to keep them coming back again and again.

It’s the simple things that can so easily get overlooked on a busy day. Things like a cheery “Hello.” Something I like to follow up with, “How are you today?” and, if the person looks a bit lost or confused “Can I help? This place can be a bit confusing sometimes.”

The pocket-sized call to arms fits almost anywhere, I like to keep mine close by to remind me how I can make things more enjoyable for the families that visit my museums.

So, if 20 points feels a bit daunting, start with the 8 you can find in the Minifesto and work your way up to the rest if you can.

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