Who won the Family Friendly Museum Award 2016?

Today, London’s Charterhouse a building with a colourful past as an almshouse, a monastery, birthplace of the off-side rule and even a temporary Royal Residence, hosted the Family Friendly Museum Award for 2016. It was a grand setting for the biggest museum award in the UK, and the only one judged entirely on what the visitors have to say.

Before I tell you who won, here is a reminder of the shortlist.

The Grand Hall was a-buzz with excitement as the assorted teams from the short listed museums, the guests and the VIPs arrived to find out how would win this prestigious prize. Personally, I was a-buzz with the deceptively strong coffee and the dawning realisation that my team at Towner Art Gallery was in with a shot of winning.  It wasn’t until I saw this tweet a few days ago that I started to think, “Maybe, just maybe…”

One by one, teams from the shortlisted venues collected their certificates from TV personality, Antiques Expert, and President of Kids in Museums, Philip Mould. Once we were all certified shortlisters, Sandie Dawe, the Chair of Kids in Museums, shared some wise words with us all:


But who won?

I am happy to say that York Art Gallery scooped the prize! Congratulations to everyone who works there. The award reflects the hard work of everyone. Not just Learning. Not just Front of House. Not just Curatorial. Everyone. York Art Gallery, has a smashing team. I can’t wait to chat to Gaby, York’s Learning Curator and her team in the future to pick their brains – this is one of the best things about the museum sector, the willingness to share knowledge, to share ideas.

I also can’t wait to talk more with the team from Sawnsea’s shortlisted Egypt Centre. They have an incredible youth participation programme, pretty much running Takeover Day every Saturday, which sounds incredibly rewarding for everyone involved. They also have a fantastically creative approach to looking at the Ancient Egyptians… I *have* to see their Dummy Mummy in the not-quite-flesh!

And how does Towner feel about today? I think this sums us up quite nicely…



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