Kids in Museums: Family Friendly Museum Award 2016 Shortlist

The Kids in Museums Family Friendly Museum Award
The Kids in Museums Family Friendly Museum Award

Things are a little bit different for the Family Friendly Museum Award this year, Kids in Museums have skipped the long list stage, and have opted for a longer shortlist instead. Normally, when the team come together to sift through the nominations, to pan for gold, our aim is to find about 20 or so museum-nuggets.

This year, the team, made up of volunteers and young people from charity Whizz-Kidz had to find ten of the best, most family friendly museums in the UK.

Much trickier, I’m sure you would agree.

So, which ones made the cut?

The 2016 Family Friendly Museum Shortlist

  1. Egypt Centre Museum of Egyptian Antiquities, Swansea
  2. Hampton Court Palace, Richmond upon Thames
  3. Manchester Art Gallery
  4. National Glass Centre, Sunderland
  5. The Novium Museum, Chichester
  6. River & Rowing Museum, Henley-on-Thames
  7. Towner Art Gallery, Eastbourne
  8. Weald & Downland Open Air Museum, West Sussex
  9. Wrexham County Borough Museum
  10. York Art Gallery

It’s an ecletic list, with art galleries, ancient history and open air museums all competing for the title.

I would like to say a massive congratulations to everyone on the shortlist – it really is a remarkable achievement to make it this far! There was some very stiff competition indeed this year.

To find the one that is closest to you, I’ve popped them all on this handy map.

How is the winner chosen?

This is the only museum award that is chosen purely on what families say about them. The shortlist is made up of museums and galleries whose visitors told us exactly what makes these places great to visit. Now, undercover judges will be visiting these venues and reporting back to Kids in Museums.

If you would like to be one of the undercover judges, drop the team a line on



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