Kids in Museums Family Friendly Museum Award 2016 – Get involved!

That’s right, nominations are open for the 2016 Family Friendly Museum award. It’s a very exciting time. It’s a time when museums can shout from the rooftops about what they are doing for families and families can celebrate their favourite museums.

Kids in Museums
Kids in Museums

As a volunteer for Kids in Museums, one of the highlights of my year is sifting through the nominations for museums, galleries, heritage sites from families, to see just what is happening out there. The team go through hundreds and hundreds of nominations each year – we had a record breaking 850 nominations in 2015! An onerous task, you might think, but it is so heart-warming to see the genuine love and affection museums can inspire. Isn’t that what we’re all about? Inspiring people?

Who can nominate?

This award is all about the family audience, so naturally, visitors are encouraged to nominate a museum that is special to them. Museums, encourage your visitors to vote!

Museums can also nominate themselves if they think they’re doing a bang up job – make sure you can back up your claims!

With something like this, it is tempting to think that a good showing at the nomination stage is all about the numbers. It isn’t. A good nomination is about so much more than saying “I vote for museum x.”

But what makes a good nomination?

A good nomination is one of those things that can take many forms. There’s no set formula. One thing to bear in mind is something very simple: why. Yes, a whole stack of paper may look impressive, but if all that stack of paper says is “I nominate gallery y”, it’s not saying much at all.

Cast you mind back to school, do you remember your teacher telling you to “Illustrate your answer with some examples”? The same rule works well here, and I’ve found it works rather well in real life too.

How can I nominate?

There are loads of ways to let the team at Kids in Museums know which museum you think is the most family friendly. You can…

Email the team on and tell them who should win and why!

Tweet the team using @Kidsinmuseums and #FFMA16

Or write to them:

Family Friendly Museum Award 2016

Kids in Museums

CAN Mezzanine

7 – 14 Great Dover Street


London SE1 4YR

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