Cheesy does it!

Cheese is one of the best things ever. Hard cheese, soft cheese, smelly cheese, all delicious so when I discovered there was a museum all about cheese I simply *had* to go!

the outside of the cheese museum in Amsterdam with a cow
Amsterdam’s Cheese Museum

Like the Flower Makers Museum and the Twinings Tea Museum, the cheese museum I visited is in the basement of a shop. It wasn’t entirely clear if it was there to celebrate the history and diversity of cheese or if it existed simply as a way to get the tourists through the doors. If it was the latter, it certainly worked on this tourist!

Anything labelled ‘museum’ is bound to grab my attention.

To get to the museum, one has to find the stairs all the way at the back of the shop, walking past row upon row and shelf upon self of cheese. Blue cheese, pink cheese, cumin cheese, all sorts of cheese-based concoctions. (I tried the very blue cheese… it wasn’t the best. Lavender flavoured cheese is not the one for me. The beetroot cheese though? YUM.)

If you can tear yourself away from the cheese and the free samples, the shop’s basement tells the story of the Dutch diary industry and includes fun facts such as… an average Dutch cow can produce 8000 litres of milk a year, but some ‘super cows’ can make an astonishing 12000 litres!

I wonder how much cheese that would make..?

The museum was a bit light on the content, so I didn’t learn too much. A lot of space was given over to a dressing up/photo-op because #engagement.

wooden clogs and a metal milk tank
Clogs and a milk tank

One question I desperately wanted the museum to answer was “Why the clogs?” These wooden shoes were everywhere in the museum; on the floor, in the photographs and I think I spied some in the dressing up box. Nowhere, though, was there any explanation as to why this was the Dutch diary industry’s shoe of choice.

Maybe they’re just super comfortable?

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