The Family Friendly Museum Award 2015: The Winner

The scores are in, the families have spoken, and the time has come to crown a new holder for the title of Most Family Friendly Museum in the UK. Previous winners have included museums such as the wonderful Horniman Museum in South London, the Haselmere Educational Museum in Surrey and everyone’s favourite conjoined museums, the Pitt Riverls and the Oxford University Natural History Museum.

Kids in Museums

That list alone should give you an idea of the level of overall awesome-ness that families and the team at Kids in Museums are looking for in their winners. The winners would have to be awesome, because this is the biggest museum award in Britain and the only one to give a powerful voice to families.

Before I tell you who won, I’d like to remind everyone of the shortlist from the length and breadth of the country:

It’s such an incredible achievement to have made it this far, and I’d like to offer my warmest congratulations to these fine institutions on making it the final stage.

But now…

The Winner is…

Wait for it…

Tullie House Museum and Art Gallery!

Very well done to the team at Tullie House! Those of you who pay attention to these kinds of things will be especially pleased for Tullie House, as they have made the long list and the short list several times over the years. Their victory today is proof that hard work really does pay off. The consistency that they have shown in their family offer speaks volumes to the quality of experience they offer to those who come to visit them and to learn from them.

But wait – there’s more!

The Family Friendly Museum Award is quite the maverick when it comes to these kinds of things, remember the 2013 award when the Horniman was joint winners with the Brixham Heritage Museum?

There was another museum on the list that had earned a special mention.

A good museum should work hard to serve its local community and there was one museum in our shortlist that is clearly working hard to do so. Again and again the comments from the visiting families told us just how much good work this museum was doing with those on its doorstep, and that museum is…

Caerphilly’s own Winding House!

Here they are with Kids in Museums Patron, Dan Snow.

Congratulations once again to Houses Tullie and Winding, your work is inspirational.


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  1. Reblogged this on Tullie House Museum and Art Gallery and commented:
    Some brilliant words from Jack about our recent win at Kids in Museums – a great blogger about museums – thank you Jack!

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