#MuseumSelfie Day – a look back

It was the camera-shutter-sound-they-insist-on-equipping-phones-with-now heard around the world. The indefatigable Museum Advocate Mar Dixon’s Museum Selfie Day  made a return yesterday, and that stats for the day speak for themselves.

With nearly 30 thousands tweets and 13,000 people, museums and galleries getting involved, it’s clear that the day was a massive success. (Three cheers for Mar!).

Even the inevitable naysayers and pooh-poohers kept quiet this year. In 2014, although most people saw it as a fun way to interact with museums and see them in a fun light, there were several articles with overblown titles making it sound like the end-times were upon us, for example: Museum selfies: Participatory genius or sign of our self-centered times? 

In 2015, it was all about the fun, with news outlet CNN proclaiming that the initiative turned museums into a playground without having to add the cringe worthy “of the mind” to validate the statement. Fun is the key element to this new annual feast day in the museum calendar, and Mar has said “Today is about being happy, having a good time and getting involved.”

And get involved they did.

But what exactly were people doing on the day?

Alas, I was in the office and didn’t get a chance to snap a special picture for the day. However, my fellow Museum Blogger, Tincture of Museum took a more scientific approach to the day and observed selfie behaviour in the British Museum. The results were rather interesting, don’t you think? Other observations were made… 

This made me think, does it matter who is tweeting the selfies? Bear in mind that #MuseumSeflie day is a Wednesday, the middle of the week, a day when museums are usually quite quiet, so visitor numbers wouldn’t be massive.

Let’s look at the things the museums were tweeting…


Yes, it’s the staff that are taking the selfies, BUT LOOK HOW MUCH FUN THEY’RE HAVING!

There was another interesting trend, with museum objects taking centre stage. Some were getting in on the #MuseumSelfie fun while others provided the inspiration for the pictures.

If you think this looks like fun, you can have a crack at Van Go’ing Yourself. 

Now, let’s have a look at what the artefacts got up to…


It made me incredibly happy to see some Museum Mannequins taking part. Who doesn’t love a Museum mannequin?

  And then there was this one from the V&A…

Those of you who have seen my Statue Selfies might find it a touch familiar… 😉

This, however, wins the day….

Once again, I would like to thank the marvellous Mar Dixon for all her hard work – it takes a lot of effort to have this much fun!

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  1. I love the bit about – so what if it was only staff taking photos, they were having fun 🙂 Definitely enjoyed seeing objects taking photos this year, who knows how creative everyone will get next year?! I vote for for the #CelebrityMuseumSelfie

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