Showing Me, Showing you

Ten points if you realised that the title of this post is a reference to an ABBA song. Technically this post should be called Showing you Show Me but I thought the ABBA-tastic title was a bit more catchy.

Now, you may be wondering “What on earth is Show Me?” That’s a perfectly natural question.

Unless you’re in my office, or have an uncanny memory for children’s website from the early-mid noughties, Show Me would not have meant much to you before now.  To me, though, it means a hell of a lot. It’s the project I’ve been working on for just over a year now, often referred in mysterious tones as ‘The Thing I’ve Been Working On At Work’.

More importantly, Show Me is a unique educational resource that blows the dust off of stuff in museums, archives and galleries and presents them to kids and young people. We’re looking at fascinating objects (like this letter from Dinosaur huntress Mary Anning or this incredible Iron Age helmet), fab films (like this one about leeches) and great games (I have a soft spot for this mammoth one) even ways to get crafty, like with this Dress Up Kylie Minogue activity from the V&A.

The team has been researching and writing absolutely loads of editorial too – who needs a kids’ guide to the First World War?

In the old days, Show Me used to look like this:

"Old" Show Me

“Old” Show Me

The Nickelodeon-esque logo is my favourite thing about it. Although it has some old-sch0ol charm to it, as a website it really didn’t cut the mustard anymore. So, it has been re-thought-out, re-develeoped and re-designed. This is what the new and improved Show Me looks like.

Show Me

Show Me

After all the hard slog, it has finally gone live. Pop the champagne! That’s the difficult bit over with – now all we need is for lots of people to see it and use it and tell everyone how amazing it is so it can continue.

If you want to keep up to date with what’s going on, you can follow Show Me on Twitter or subscribe to our newsletter.

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