October 3rd: Museums Making Fetch Happen

October 3rd is Mean Girls Day. It’s the day that the dreamy Aaron Samuels, whose hair looks sexy pushed back, asked home-schooled jungle-freak cum Plastic in training Cady Heron what day it was.

Mean Girls movie poster
Mean Girls movie poster

Naturally this momentous occasion is celebrated annually by fans of the cult Lindsay Lohan film all over the world.

This year saw two very different museums get in on the Mean Girls love-in: the august Smithsonian in Washington and London’s eccentric Horniman Museum and Gardens. 

Just look at these tweets. These tweets are things of beauty.

The Horniman decided to remind its followers of a key rule regarding the mid-week dress code:

The Smithsonian, on the other hand, revealed its Hallowe’en costume to us all:

It remains unclear if any other institutions out there have wigs made from your mom’s chest hair…

Although neither museum mentioned here used the #MeanGirlsDay, they did allude to the film using hashtags that refer to some of the film’s exceedingly memorable lines.

It goes without saying that the Tina Fey penned cinematic classic has become entrenched in popular culture, but what makes all this so fetch* is that these Museums; so often seen as bastions of High Culture, are really embracing pop-culture and making their collections relevant to the larger cultural conversation. It may or may not help that the people running their social media are probably of the Mean Girls generation.

I really hope that they continue with this kind of thing. It’s so fetch. (STOP TRYING TO MAKE FETCH HAPPEN).

*By the way, studies have shown that fetch is indeed happening.


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