Family Friendly Museum Awards 2014: The Finalists

After revealing the Family Friendly Museum award longlist, it’s time to tell you who made the final cut. But before I tell you the names, I thought I’d explain a bit about how Kids in Museums went about whittling the long list down to the final six…

The short listing is the only part of the award that involves a panel of judges. This year the judging panel was  led by Jenny Abramsky, chair of Heritage Lottery Fund, and included the Game of Thrones actress Hannah Murray (who plays wildling Gilly and might enjoy this post about a real life Iron Throne); historian Helen Castor and children’s author Damian Dibben. We locked them up in a room with the list of twenty museums and let them argue and debate which ones they think are the best based on the evidence provided by visitors and the museums themselves.

Damian Dibben wrote about his experience in the Telegraph and it really is worth a read.

So, who exactly is on the list?

*Starts drum roll*

Your 2014 shortlist for the Telegraph Family Friendly Museum Award is:

The list is incredibly eclectic, it must have been difficult to narrow it down to these ones. Well done to everyone who made the shortlist!

What happens now?

Now the fun stuff happens. It’s up to the museum going families of the UK to go out and visit these places and report back to the nice folks at Kids in Museums. You can find out all the details on getting involved on the award section of Kids in Museums.

The award winner will be announced on the 26th September, so if you’re looking for something to do during the holidays, why not give this a go?

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