Curious Cabinet…

When I’m not adventuring in museums or doing funky digital education-y stuff in them either, I write about them. No, I don’t mean my blog (thank you for reading it by the way). I work at Culture24, specifically on their children’s site Show Me, which will be launching soon. It’s very exciting, as soon as it goes live I’ll be yelling about it from the rooftops, trust me. Anyway, I’m sure most of this is on my About Me page…

Most of us who have anything to do with museums have that idea in the backs of their minds to have one of our very own one day. I already have the Museum of Museum Badges but at C24 Towers we’ve been putting together a little Cabinet of Curiosity  with nothing more than a billy bookcase and assorted oddments that we’ve come across.

Cabinet of Curiosity
Cabinet of Curiosity

As you can see, it is still a work-in-progress but we do have some cool things in there already.

A lantern of Jeremy Bentham's Head
A lantern of Jeremy Bentham’s Head

This is a lantern in the form of Jeremy Bentham’s Head. As a KCL alumnus, it makes me particularly happy that I have (a copy of) Jeremy Bentham’s head. KCL and UCL have a fierce rivalry and there is a story that some student’s from KCl stole Bentham’s head and played football with it… I’m fairly certain that the tale has been embellished a lot over the years, but still.

Lionel and Jean-Paul Gaultier
Lionel and Jean-Paul Gaultier

It is the positioning of these two objects that really makes me happy. It looks like Lionel is looking longingly at the Pierre et Gilles image of the fashion designer Jean-Paul Gaultier.

Elizabeth Taylor
Elizabeth Taylor

Elizabeth taylor looks so fabulous in this picture that we couldn’t not have it in our Curious Cabinet.

Driftwood and rock from Brighton beach
Driftwood and rock from Brighton beach

Being a Brighton-based organisation, we *had* to have some things that invoked the spirit of the town. We were also keen to have some natural history elements on display, so here are some things that were found at the beach.


Finally we have Puy the seagull, whose name was chosen to reflect not just the healthy-eating, lentil loving aspect of the city of Brighton but also the state of the place after a seagull feeding frenzy.

So here are a few of our curious treasures. It’s amazing what you can do with a Billy bookcase and some imagination, I hope some of you guys feel inspired to make your own Cabinets of Curiosities now. If you do, please get in touch, I’d love to see them!


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