The weirdest museum ever?

Although I haven’t visited the museum in the physical world yet, I am a massive fan of the Wellcome Collection. Not only have they made all their images accessible and free to use but their whole digital thing is very good indeed. Just check out their twitter feed to get an idea of what I mean.

One thing they do particularly well is #CuriousConversations. Not only do they start and engage some very curious conversations but they illustrate them too. Just just this out.

Here’s that picture without the text…

The Weirdest Museum
The Weirdest Museum (C) Wellcome Collection

The witch in a bottle was my response – I saw it at the wonderfully weird Pitt Rivers Museum. Here’s what it looks like in real life…

Witch bottle
A bottle containing the spirit of a witch

I don’t know who J. Lister is, but I really want to know how his urine ended up in a museum. What makes wee museum-worthy?

It was interesting that the Wellcome asked what the weirdest thing anyone has seen in a museum is. The more time you spend in a museum not only do you discover weirder and weirder things, but the weird stuff starts becoming increasingly… normal? I’ve seen Unlucky Mummies, Cursed Jewellery, a gorilla hugged by HG Wells, and an overstuffed walrus, not to mention an Empress made of Marzipan.

Yeah, museums are weird.

But what can the Wellcome do with this assortment of odd objects? There’s only one thing for it really…

Fingers crossed it happens…

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