Family Friendly Museum 2014: The Long List

Kids in MuseumsA little while ago, I wrote a post about what makes a good nomination for the Family Friendly Museum Awards. After sifting through 800 nominations for just under 100 museums, I can *finally* tell you which ones made the Top 20 this year.

It’s all very exciting stuff, trust me.

Here they are – presented in alphabetical order to avoid charges of corruption or flagrant favoritism – the Long List for the Family Friendly Museum Award 2014.

Ashmolean Museum (You can find out what I got up to there when I visited on one of  my adventures)
Beamish Museum
Bodelwyddan Castle
The Cardiff Story
Charnwood Museum
Compton Verney Art Gallery
Elgin Museum
Experience Barnsley Museum & Discovery Centre
Geffrye Museum (You can find out what I thought of the Geffrye here)
Havering Museum 
Lynn Museum
National Maritime Museum Cornwall
North Lincolnshire Museum
Royal Gunpowder Mills
Rural Life Centre
Science Museum
Tenby Museum & Art Gallery
Tullie House Museum & Art Gallery
Watts Gallery

Shamefully I’ve only been to two of them, but the work they all do is incredible. It was really inspiring to read just why people had nominated them.

It’s great to see loads of welsh museums on this list this year. We think that the quantity and – more importantly- the quality of nominations for the museums in Wales was so high because of their involvement in the  Take Over Day project. It looks like the participation in that really helped foster positive feelings from visitors.

I feel that the Science Museum should be really commended on its work with autistic visitors, which has been highlighted by my fellow Museum Blogger, Tincture of Museum.

So, what happens next?

Well, this list of 20 will be whittled down to a shortlist of 5 by a panel of Museum People. Then the real experts, you guys, the intrepid museum explorers, the visitors decide who comes out on top.  If you’d like to get involved with the judging, let Kids in Museums know – you can find out how here.

Good luck to all the long listed museums!

To keep up to date with what’s going on with the award, follow the hashtag #FFMA14 on Twitter.

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  1. thanks for the mention Jack. I am so excited by this list, so many new museums to visit, all doing fantastic work. I think you know where my loyalties lie. It must have been an incredibly hard job to whittle them down. I can’t wait to see the short list.

    1. No worries Claire, your stuff on Museums and Autism should be shouted from the rooftops until we’re all a bit hoarse! It was quite a job getting it down to 20 – I don’t envy the folk who have to get it down to 5!

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