Katy Perry Visits the British Museum

This evening, social media aficionado and popular singer of song Katy Perry instagrammed and tweeted her way through a visit to the British Museum. Truly, it was a beautiful thing, something out of a Teenage Dream, and Β it was just like the movies.

The I Kissed a Girl chanteuse started got the party started with a picture from the museum’s new Ancient Egyptian themed exhibition Ancient Lives.

(I suppose no one told Katy about the no photo rule, eh?)

It is absolutely fantastic that she told her fans to “YO go check out Ancient lives, new discoveries” – you just know that will get someoneΒ interested in Ancient Egypt.

The fun continued as the TGIF songstress explored the rest of the British Museum.

And lo, a new standard museum photo-op is born. Damn, why haven’t I ever thought of doing this?

Naturally, when I saw these, I got a little bit over excited.

When I told my other half, his reaction was a much more restrained “Oh, is she dressing up as an Egyptian this week?”

Yes. Yes she is. Well, in the Dark Horse video anyway (she plays a character called Katypatra).

Speaking of Dark Horses, Katy finished her socially shared visit on a high-note with this…

View this post on Instagram

Fightin' over hoes since 300 BC

A post shared by KATY PERRY (@katyperry) on

“Fightin’ over hoes since 300 BC” read the caption from the Califorina Gurrl.

So true.

So, to round this post off, I thought it might be pertinent to share some stats. Katy Perry has:

53.3 million twitter followers and over 5 million followers on instagram.

I wonder how many of them will be inspired to visit the British Museum now?

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  1. Tamsin says:

    Thanks for this post, Jack! A bit of BM lovin’ from Katy Perry = perfect inspiration for this afternoon’s exam on the history and politics of museum display…:P

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