Museums at Night 2014: Where will you go?

Museums at Night 2014 Poster
Museums at Night 2014 Poster

You might have noticed that  the annual late night cultural extravaganza Museums at Night is nearly upon us. If you haven’t, well, where on earth have you been? Quick, follow them on Twitter immediately (they’re @MuseumsAtNight) or you can join their mailing list to keep track of what’s going on).

Anyway, the three day night extravaganza kicks off this Thursday -15th May- and lasts until Saturday evening, you can find out what’s happening near you on their very handy events widget on the homepage.

Museums at Night always produces some tip-top events, I’ve made it to quite a few over the years, including a ghost tour, a tour around the home of a Victorian artist and a treasure hunt around the UCL museums.

But museums up and down the country pull out all the stops. Remember last year when Chiltern Open Air Museum had that unicorn?

A woman riding a unicorn at Chiltern Open Air Museum
A woman riding a unicorn at Chiltern Open Air Museum via Culture24

Truly, it was a thing of beauty! This year they are doing Pegasus. Amazing. I wonder what mythological horse they’ll tackle next year? Are there any left? That eight-legged one from Norse mythology maybe?

All sorts of stuff happening this year, even transvestite-potter-cun-National-Treasure Grayson Perry is getting in on the action. Remember when he had that amazing exhibition at the British Museum?

Anyway, there are loads of cracking events going on all over the country, and here are some of the erm… more unique ones I wish I could get to:

Alas, for certain geographical and transportational reasons, I won’t be able to make it to those, but I am planning on heading along the coast to Gosport to see what’s going on at the Diving Museum (I was just as surprised as you were to discover that such a place exists!).

If you can’t leave the house, never fear for IT WILL BE ON TV! Yes, you read that correctly.

BBC Arts at Museums at Night, Saturday 17 May, 7pm, BBC Two

BBC’s Arts Editor Will Gompertz will present a special programme from Museums at Night at the National Museum of Scotland.

There are even some spectacular Museum at Night themed badges.

Museums at Night badge
Museums at Night badge

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  1. museummum says:

    Oooh, where can I get my hands on one of those badges? You’ve picked some great events – hope the diving museum is fun! I’ve selected some Museums at Night family friendly events around the country too:
    and have set the box to record the TV coverage!

    1. Fantastic round-up of the family friendly events there! I’ll spread the word about it 🙂

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