‘Secret’ Doors in the V&A…

We all love a bit of insider knowledge. Being aware of something that others might miss always makes me happy. What makes me happier, though, is sharing this knowledge with others, so you can be in the know too.

Recently, I’ve been a little bit obsessed with secret doors. It all started when I was made aware of the secret door in the British Museum’s Enlightenment Gallery, and continued when I found a barely hidden hidden doorway in the Royal Observatory in Greenwich.

Recently I had heard that there was a secret, or rather ‘discrete’ doorway in the V&A that leads up and inside the museum’s impressive cupola. Alas, it was in an article about the museum’s Prism exhibition in 2012. I may have missed the exhibition, but the discrete doorway was still there.

But where exactly? The only clue I had been given was that it was up in the museum’s ceramics galleries on the 6th floor…

Ceramics from the V&A
Ceramics from the V&A

With so much stuff to look at, it was hard to keep an eye out for a ‘discrete’ doorway. However, I found one, and I think that this might be it:

A discrete doorway in the V&A's ceramics gallery
A discrete doorway in the V&A’s ceramics gallery

However, I couldn’t help but feel that this one in a nearby furniture gallery was oh so much more discrete…

A black doorway in the V&A's furniture gallery
A black doorway in the V&A’s furniture gallery

Let’s face it, this door virtually oozes discretion.

Alas, what lies beyond the secret- or in this case, discrete- doorway is not accessible to the public, but never fear, if I do ever get back there, I shall share all I can.


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