Sweet Like Chocolate

Deep in the urban jungle the Museum Adventurer, along with his trusted companion, venture in search of a mystical museum whose subject has a history stretching back hundreds, nay thousands of years.

Blinking in the glare of the sun, after the subterranean darkness of the London Underground our plucky heroes find themselves in Brixton, looking for the fabled Chocolate Museum.

Chocolate Museum

Chocolate Museum

“Hello,” we said when we reached what looked like our destination, “Is this the Chocolate Museum?”

“It is, welcome!” came the warm greeting, with a charming French accent from the lady working there in her chef whites with the odd chocolate splodge on them. “Welcome to the museum,” she continued, “here is some information to help you on your way around. The exhibition is just downstairs, but we have a few pieces up here. Help yourself to some chocolate samples.”

Is that made of chocolate?

Turning around we see a dark statue in a display case. Consulting the guide, we learn that the statue is of the goddess Ixcacao; a goddess of chocolate, wealth and fertility. The statue is the colour Easter Egg chocolate turns when you’ve kept it too long, prompting the question: “Is that made of chocolate?” after seeing an empress made of marzipan, anything seems possible.

Ixcacao: goddess of chocolate

Ixcacao: goddess of chocolate

Alas, no, this Ixcacao was not made from chocolate.

Downstairs there was a very interesting display of past advertisements, including one with a nice visual pun and an early version of what has become Yorkie’s “It’s not for Girls” ad.

Chocolate for menEarly Roses Advert











I was fascinated to learn that chocolate was originally marketed over here as a beverage rather than a snack and even had its own teapot cafetiere chocolatiere.



The Chocolate Museum was an interesting look at something that we often take for granted; also the chocolate samples were delicious!

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