The Museum of Museum Badges

It was a cold, wet Thursday at the end of June when I had the beginnings of an idea. I was preparing for the next installment of my weekly twitter feature #BadgeOfTheWeek when it struck me: in this crazy here-one-nano-second, vanished-into-the-void-the-next digital world we have now, there must be something more …well, permanent I could do with my ever-growing collection of museum badges.

Museum badges
Museum badges

Taking to Twitter, I canvassed opinion – would anyone care about a Museum of Museum Badges?

The response was overwhelming. Two whole actual human beings responded almost immediately:

This meant it had to happen.

And so, it did. The very next day I set up an online Museum of Museum Badges. Partly, it’s a way to share my collection and the stories behind them. Partly, it’s a way to encourage others to summon the courage to share their secret collections. Partly -again- it’s a way for this self-confessed Museum Nerd to have his own museum! I still have a dream of running the British Museum one day… but until that day I can still run my very own museum: The Museum of Museum Badges.

If you would like some more information about the Museum of Museum Badges, or maybe you have a badge you’d like to donate, feel free to contact me and I’ll be happy to answer any questions.

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  1. traceygooch says:

    Nice. I know someone with an ever growing collection of exhibition postcards and am already planning a retrospective for them in about 30 years time to show off the best ones.

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