Best of the Wurst

“More than just a sausage, it’ one of life’s experiences” reads the legend on the wall of Berlin’s legendary Currywurst Museum, proudly proclaiming their passion for their favourite food. The whole idea of a museum entirely dedicated to food made me curious (as well as a little bit peckish) because we don’t really have them in the UK.

Could you imagine, a museum just for our national dish of fish and chips? Or perhaps for regional delicacies like pie and mash? I wonder if the latter would have a special bit dedicated to jellied eels…mmm.

So, before I make myself too hungry let’s get on with the adventure!

Currywurst Museum
Currywurst Museum

The Currywurst Museum had always been on the top of my list for my trip to Berlin. It’s niche, it’s off the tourist trail and it sounded too strange to not explore. As it was the top of the list, and fairly close to our hotel, this was the very first stop on my adventures in Berlin’s museums. The lady at the front desk was really helpful, and coped marvellously with my limited language skills.

She issued us  our tickets and somehow got across that we should show them to her colleague when we were finished…

So, wurst is it all about?

Inside the Currywurst Museum
Inside the Currywurst Museun

No, those aren’t giant uvulas hanging from the ceiling, but rather one of the more bonkers bits of interior design in the museum, representing the ketchup that goes on top of the currywurst. It looked odd and I loved it. And, yes, that is a giant chip you can see there as well, because everyone knows that currywust goes well “mit pommes” as the locals say.

Enough about the interior design, wurst exactly is the story of the curried sausage dish?

The Museum tells us that a certain Herta Heuwer  invented the celebrated currywurst in the September of 1949, although there seems to be some controversy about this, with some claiming that the meal came into being in Hamburg 2 years earlier… Regardless, Heuwer is recognised as the official creator of currywurst, and we can see the hob on which she performed gastronomic alchemy.

Herta Heuwer's Hob
Herta Heuwer’s Hob

Although it was created in a domestic kitchen, currywurst is, at it’s heart street food. How can a museum reflect this? By having a takeaway food stall for visitors to get in so they can experience what it’s like on the other side of the counter!

serving up some currywurst
Serving up some currywurst


So, you might be wondering why we had to show someone else our tickets when we had finished looking at the museum…   because when you do, you get this:


If you enjoyed reading about Berlin’s Currywurst Museum, you might like discovering the Currywurst Museum’s badges at the Museum of Museum Badges.



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  1. currywurstmuseum says:

    We are always happy to read blogposts inspired by a visit to our museum. Currydank! 🙂

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