Honey, I Shrunk the Museum

Have you seen  The Grant Museum‘s new thing? You’d be forgiven if you missed it. It’s a Micrarium; a place for tiny things. 95% of known animals are smaller than a thumb, the museum tells us, and this is a chance to see a selection of those tiny objects that are often kept in storage…


The result? A beautiful (apart from the Lampreys, Lampreys are just FUGLY) selection of teeny, tiny pieces that deserve a much bigger audience. So, what else can a Museum Adventurer do besides dragging along two friends to experience the joys of this slice of Natural History? So, on with the adventure!

Before we reach the Tiny Place, we start by exploring the rest of the small-but-perfectly-formed museum, making a point of saying hello to their most famous resident(s); the Glass Jar of Moles. Taking to Twitter, I send out a teaser, to test my followers Museum knowledge.

Needless to say, everyone got it. The Moles even took the time to get in touch

I do love those moles.

However, if moles aren’t your thing maybe you’d enjoy the half monkey head?

Half a monkey head
Half a monkey head

Or what about a monitor lizard that looks uncannily like Hollywood actorJack Nicholson

Monitor lizard OR Jack Nicholson?
Monitor lizard OR Jack Nicholson?

They also have something called a Pink Fairy Armadillo.

Now, on to the Micrarium!

Formerly a small storage space, currently a back-lit cave of wonders, the Micrarium is home to the pleasing number of 2323 microscope slides (doesn’t that repetition make you feel all warm’n’fuzzy? Just me?) as well as a palindromic 252  lantern slides.

With so much on display, the whole thing could become a little overwhelming…

Luckily the ceiling is mirrored, which, among other things, makes for some really excellent photography (courtesy of my friend Imogen)

Exploring the Micrarium (C) Imogen Hill
Exploring the Micrarium (C) Imogen Hill

Now, I’ve visited the Grant Museum a while ago and I vowed to return, and it was just as good as better than my last visit.  Mainly because my back didn’t throw itself out this time. I’m sure I’ll be back soon!

If you liked this post and would like to see some badges from the UCL Museums, you can at the Museum of Museum Badges.


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