What Time is it?

“The BEST museum” ran the legend on the home-made poster in the window. “Of its kind” the next line continued, in a significantly smaller type clearly, the hubris of the poster’s opening line is embarrassing it a little bit, but not for long… “IN THE WORLD” the poster ends, triumphantly in the largest possible font-size that would fill up the rest of an A4 page. You can almost here the home-made fanfare blast away with as much pomp and pageantry as it can muster.

Does the Clock Makers’ Museum live up to its bold claim? Let’s find out…

Occupying a room within the Guildhall Library building, it is very easy to over look this hidden-in-plain-sight museum. I ended up wandering around the outside of the whole Guildhall complex twice before I noticed the sign mentioned above. Luckily, once our plucky Adventurer found some bearings, there was a Security Guard who could be pumped for more information.

“Excuse me,” I said, “Can you tell me where the Clock Makers’ Museum is?”

“Just through that door,” he replied, gesturing vaguely.

I looked around, unable to locate said door, until I realised that said door was, in fact, a glass door. It is safe to say that the Adventurer was having a bit of an off day.

Tick, tic, tick.


Guestbooks are always an intriguing way to start a visit. Motivated by equal parts curiosity and voyeurism  I took a peek at what the visitors who came before me had to say about the museum. The comments were all glowing, gushing and full of jokes riffing off the theme of ‘Clocks’. On the one hand (let’s say the second hand, ticking away each fleeting moment) how appropriate, on the other (for argument’s sake, the hour hand, moving much more slowly, with time to contemplate and reflect) just imagine a thousand various variations of “You could loose hours in here” running through the book ad infinitem. 

Now, I love a good terrible pun, could you not tell? but reading the same joke over and over (and over), it was difficult to stifle the involuntary groan.


Exploring the museum, I discovered several things. Mostly, that clocks can be very pretty indeed, but perhaps not as pretty as beetles…

Clocks at the Clock Makers' Museum
Clocks at the Clock Makers’ Museum

I also discovered that out-of-sync ticking can be very frustrating. I suppose that it would have been a nigh-0n impossible task to get all the clocks ticking at the same time, and even if one was able to achieve it the visitors might feel that they are being followed by a large, possibly threatening metronome. 

Tick, tick.

But why on earth wasn’t there any  tocking?

*Answers to the question posed by the title:

  • Hammertime
  • Chico-time
  • About 3:42, thank you.

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  1. I had to laugh when I checked my blog roll this morning and saw this – check out Museum Diary’s latest post! What were the chances? 🙂

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