Something Kinda Shoe

It’s no great secret that two of my favourite things in the world are museums and the musical stylings of Girls Aloud, so when I discovered that Southend Museum was going to display a certain object related to a certain group of chanteuses I hopped on the train and returned to my native Essex to discover what was going on…

Sole Lotta History

For one week only, as part of their current Shoe Heaven exhibition, Southend Museum has a special shoe used by band-member Kimberley “Nimble Kimble” Walsh in the programme for Girls Aloud’s 2009 Out of Control Tour.

Giant shoe
Giant shoe
Kimberley tries on one of Nadine's shoes...
Kimberley tries on one of Nadine’s shoes…

Rumours that the shoe came from Walsh’s notoriously well-heeled colleague Nadine’s personal collection remain unconfirmed…

So there you have it, a celebrity shoe.

But, apart from a poster outside telling those who care to look at it of the giant shoe’s showbiz past, performing with California Gurl songtress KatyPerry there was no other info about the famous footwear. I found this odd. Here is a chance to tell a really interesting story completely missed!  I saw a number of visitors take a look at the super-size, super-star stiletto but rather than be entranced and entertained by what was in front of them , there was nothing putting the object in to some kind of context, it’s just, well… there.

However, if you do get a chance to visit Southend Museum, they have some absolutely stunning Saxon objects.

(In writing this I had great fun coming up with some *terrible* puns. Top marks if you’ve spotted the ones already used, but rejected ones include: Sexy, Toe! Toe! Toe! and Ballet Pump (for my love). If you can think of any more, feel free to leave a comment!)


5 Comments Add yours

  1. Wugmuffin says:

    Sole Lotta History?!

  2. I’ll Stand By Shoe, Graffiti My Sole, The Shoe, Crazy Foot, Cheryl Sole…

    Something Kinda Shoe is amazing.

    1. Amazing! LOVED all of those Russell!! 😀

  3. Simon M. Clabby says:

    Sound of the Undersole?

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