The Cotswolds Motoring Museum bills itself as being ‘for motoring enthusiasts.’ I’m going to say right of the bat that I’m, well, not exactly the target audience there. I haven’t even taken a driving test yet. However, this transport museum had something extra going for it that attracted my interest. I’m talking about TV’s Brum! If you don’t remember him, then you probably didn’t watch CBBC in the early-mid nineties (or, as it’s known today, YouTube).

How could anyone resist such a draw? So, without further ado on with the adventure!

In the sleepy, picturesque village of Bourton on the Water (about 30 minutes outside of Oxford) there lies an award winning little museum. I admit, I didn’t know about the awards until I got there but once I found out the Cotswolds Motoring Museum had won Classic Car Weekly’s Museum of the Year 2011 award my expectations suddenly skyrocketed. After visiting Kids in Museum Award winning Oxford Natural History and Pitt Rivers museums the standard for what’s considered award-worthy was set very high indeed.

Reader(s) I was not disappointed!

After a cheery greeting, we were offered a selection of trails for every age group. Not just the standard Children’s Trails, but some for GROWN UPS TOO. I can’t emphasis how extraordinary this is, and such a welcome sight. (Of all my adventures so far, only the Anne of Cleves House has offered something comparable! It’s not that adult’s don’t enjoy things like this, we just don’t get the chance to do them.)

The museum was thoughtful with it’s labelling, and realised that not everyone is a petrol-head. Read what the previous owner of the car had to say about it and I dare you not to let out an involuntary “Awwww!” when you get to the end (ignore the please don’t touch bit, that’s not at all emotional):

Touching museum label

But onto the main event, the bit you have all been waiting for; our special celebrity appearance. So, Ladies, Gentlemen, Boys and Girls gather around meet the one, the only…..Brum!


He is really tiny compared to the other cars around him. They dwarf him so much that unless you were really looking out for him you might miss the poor lil’ car altogether! If you do manage to track him down, and press the button (for, dear Reader, there is a button to press!) his eyes light up. Brum is really that happy to see you! Amazing!

Unfortunately, you can’t touch him, but (there is a BUT here!) there is a replica later on in the museum. This, this is worth all the travel:

Me and Brum
Me and Brum



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