The Adventure So Far…

Today is a momentous day for the Museum Adventurer, for today marks the first anniversary of when I thought “You know what? I’m going to stop just thinking about blogging and actually get on with it!”  I set to work thinking of what I thought would be a catchy name (now I think it might be a little bit clunky) and started typing away. The rest, as they say, is history.

And now, a year on I thought I would take a step back, take stock and evaluate the journey so far.

Where have I been on my Adventures?

I’ve managed to visit 33 different museums on my adventures so far this year. Most of these have been around London, Essex and Brighton because that’s where I have been based, however I have visited a clutch of museums in Budapest, and plan on doing a bit more travelling this year. I hear there’s a Leprechaun Museum out there…

What posts are people reading?

I thought it would be interesting to see which posts have got the most hits over the past year and have a think about why these ones have proven to be popular. Here is a list of the top 5 posts:

  • The Nuclear Bunker has been my most consistently popular post this past year. Maybe because it highlights how museums can get things so very wrong and not even realise how it impacts on a visit, and in this place, EVERYTHING was wrong.
  • The Salford Two  made the list because when I wrote it, the story was huge in the museum-world. Two teenaged girls had been kicked out of a museum because they were unaccompanied. The girls’ mother was working with the museum to improve things, but any follow-up hasn’t hit the headlines int he way the original story did. I wonder what happened there?
  • The Tea Party is another popular one; not only do I do I explore two of my favourite things (tea and museums) there are also silly hats involved. Perhaps people enjoyed the hats.
  • My visit to the Old Operating Theatre is a surprise entry here. The little museum is really interesting and has a smell that is well worth the admission fee.
  • The Little Seen Treasures is a very recent post but has rocketed up the ratings. Are lists really that popular? Maybe people want to look beyond the obvious and discover what else is on show?

Who is reading the blog?

While the wordpress stats provide a lot of insight into the blog and what is being read, I don’t really know who is reading it. The comments have been a way for me to get to know my readers, but I know not everyone wants to comment. You can become a fan on Facebook if you want though, pop along and say hi!

What wordpress does give me a really good insight into is where are my readers based. They even provide a map!

So there it is, a year of adventuring summed up with a few stats. Here’s to the next leg of my adventures!


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