Adventures in Budapest: Szarbo Marcipan Museum

I’ve checked and checked again; this museum is not in the guide books (yet!) so you, dear reader(s) are in for an exclusive treat. At Buda Castle, by the Hilton Budapest Hotel, next to the stunning Fisherman’s Bastion and around the corner from where Katy Perry warbled her way through Firework is a hidden (iced) gem: the Marzipan Museum.

“We promise that you shall be enriched by an unforgettable experience!”

Reads the flyer given to you at the same time as a free sample.

Now, the account that follows may not be entirely accurate. It could have been the sugar rush following the Marzipan, it could have been the objects on display. It could even have been the altitude – we are on the top of a hill after all – but all I managed to write in my note book was : OMG AMAZZING!!! Thinking about it, it was probably the sugar…

The main gallery in the Marzipan Museum

Take a look at the gallery. Admittedly, it’s not much to look at if you just give it a cursory glance. It all seems very traditional, with glass cabinets and the portraits on the wall. “How nice,” you might think, “How quaint,” your train of thought might continue. However, your internal monologue would be selling the museum short. There is something heartwarming and happy-making about seeing a life -size marzipan mannequin of Empress Elisabeth of Austria (also known as Queen Sissy). The labelling, while not going into detail about the monarch, does reveal that expert marzipan modellers spent months crafting the piece.

Meet Empress Elisabeth of Austria

When I first laid eyes on the statue, I wondered who I was looking at a likeness of. After a short period of contemplation, I pondered a much more pressing thought “Does marzipan go off?”  Such deep thoughts were soon put to one side…”HAVE YOU SEEN MARZIPAN HARRY POTTER?” Well, dear Reader(s) you have now:

Marzipan Harry Potter and Kung Fu Panda

OK, the museum wasn’t the most serious one I’ve ever been to, but to introduce serious to it would take away from the magic of the place.  Sometimes, museums need to be a bit silly.


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  1. Hi, have to correct this. The name is Szabó Marcipán Museum if somebody would want for search.

    1. Hi, thank you for the correction. I took the spelling from the leaflet the museum gave me and they have anglocised the spelling

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