Sleepover at the British Museum

‘Oh, I’ve had such a curious dream!’ exclaimed Alice as she woke up, wondering if her adventures were really real or if they were all in her imagination.

I had a similar experience on Sunday morning. I awoke from not-the-best night’s sleep I’ve ever had, wondering what all those fuzzy images of darkened Pharaohs could possibly mean. Yawning, stretching and rubbing the sleep out of my eyes I prepared to face the brand new day. When I finally got my bearings those odd visions made sense; I had been sleeping in the Egyptian galleries of the British Museum!

Before you pick up the phone to call the authorities, give me a chance to explain!

I was not overcome by a bout of narcolepsy whilst engaged in a daring museum heist, rather, I was there in my capacity as a member of staff. Why was I working overnight? Well, dear reader(s), I was working at a sleepover for the British Museum’s Young Friends.

The Museum runs six of these events over the year, and despite working there for about a year now, this is the first one I’ve had the chance to be a part of. It was, without a doubt, a really good night. It was amazing to explore the museum at night time. The kids seemed to enjoy it too, as they got to make their own Egyptian amulets -and cast spells over them, and create their own Greek Temple. They even got to hear some Egyptian stories as mummies watched on.

I think what surprised me the most was the reaction to the Chinese Ribbon Dance workshop; the group I was working with contained it’s fair share of teenaged boys who, let’s face it, aren’t typically interested in this sort of thing. Instead of throwing a teenage strop, they got involved and took part. One even said it was his favourite part of the evening!

This was a ‘High Lights’ sleepover, which meant that we looked at some of the best bits of the museum’s collection, but the next one (on September 1st) will tie-in with the Shakespeare’s Restless World exhibition.

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