Toy Story

Protecting Speeds for at least 2 generations.

To begin this adventure I’d like to introduce you to someone very special indeed. He has lived a long and interesting life.How long, I cannot say because I’m not sure if Bear Years are the same as Human Years. What I can say for certain is that his name is Panda and he looks after William just as he looked after William’s sister and his mother too.

He’s taking it a bit easier now that William is all grown up, but he still worries.

When Grayson Perry was looking for a stunt bear for his exhibition at the British Museum, I suggested that Panda should apply for it, but he wanted to enjoy his semi-retirement.

“What’s your favourite toy?” 


Now, the Hove Museum and Art Gallery has asked it’s visitors what their favourite toys are for their exhibition “My Favourite Toy.” Some people have even donated their toys to help the museum tell the story of our inanimate childhood companions. The results were interesting, but considering the collections at the Brighton and Hove Museums I feel that the exhibition could have delved deeper into childhood than three or four generations…

However, the exhibition explored what it set out to do, share the stories of the local community through its toys.

“Because my Dad is allergic to pets I can only have goldfish,” writes one child, “That’s why I like Moshi Monsters – they are virtual pets.”

Many of the toys on display came from the Museum’s Attic, so naturally I went to have a look. I tiptoes up the stairs. I had to be very careful, because I didn’t want to wake up the wizard who lives there. He was still dozing in his hammock, so everything was well. This room is what every attic should be; full to the brim with toys and riddled with hiding places and secret compartments! It makes you wonder why they needed to do a separate Toy exhibition downstairs…

You can’t wake the Sleeping Wizard

My Favourite Toy is on until 6th November at the Hove Museum and Art Gallery. If you need some hints for Christmas gifts, this should be good place to fish for clues!


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