The DaVinci Show

It might have passed you by. You may not have noticed. National institutions are such shy, quiet and retiring creatures nowadays. Who would have known that the National Gallery is displaying some work from that little-know Renaissance Man, oh what was his name… it’s on the tip of my tongue.. Oh wait, DA VINCI.

(You know, he came up with that Code that proved that Jesus married Mary Magdalen. He painted them on a date. You can tell they’re a couple because she didn’t order any chips but nicked most of His.)

It’s such an odd choice. Who would ever want to see it? I mean, it doesn’t even have that bird who looks a bit queasy. What’s her name, Moaning Lisel? Jacqui Conda?

Well, I’ll tell you who wants to see it, EVERYONE; myself included in that. Do you know who else knows this? The National Gallery, that’s who, and just to prove they know, they are charging a whopping £16 a pop for a gander at some of the finest works of art ever created.

Bloody cheeky, if you ask (poor, cash strapped) me.

Even if you are luckier than Charlie Bucket and can get your grubby mits on a golden ticket, you’re likely to be herded through the show like so much cattle. If you not so lucky (like me) then this is what the website says:

Or, what is isn’t quite saying:

“Please allow up to three hours queuing time before being told we have sold out. Try again tomorrow.”

We’ve got until February 5th to risk frostbite whilst waiting for tickets. If I ever get some you guys will be the first to read about it.

Or I’ll just write about this:


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  1. Thanks for this Jack – my hubby wanted to see this (it was going to be a Christmas present) but I think I’ll get him to go to Bristol instead. Good luck with the queueing. 🙂

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