Feeding Time.

Last Friday night, I was lucky enough to attend a swanky soiree for the alumni of my alma mater, complete with a drinks reception, a three course meal and a generous smattering of small talk.

Most conversations went thusly: “So, what have you been up to since you graduated?”

I was fortunate to spend most of the night chatting away to a Professor who shared anecdote after amusing anecdote with me, one of which I share now with you.

I remember the last time I was at that museum! We had a tour guide who was a marvellously fascinating man. Funny, too. You’ll never believe this, but as he was drawing breath between sentences a group of everyone’s worst idea of The American Tourist (you know the type, complete with ‘Fanny Pack’) waddled up to him and demanded, in a very loud manner, to be taken to see something of interest.

The guide maintained his composure and calmly stated that he was in the middle of a tour, but if they hurried they would be just in time to catch feeding time in the mummy galleries

‘We’ll go right away’ they declared, and off they went up the stairs.”

Sometimes you can’t help but think that there’s a little bit of truth in the stereotypes every now and then…


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