Public Transport is Hell: Another Halloween Special

It was almost a dark and stormy night, almost a perfect night to take up the challenge emblazoned on the leaflet: “Dare you enter the museum?”  Perfect night or not, my friends and I took up the mantel anyway.

The museum in question was a local one that I have never been to before: The Castle Point Transport Museum. Tonight, the museum wasn’t merely a former bus station but the setting for a bus crash that released some maniacs who were being transferred to a secure asylum… It was a nice touch that the bus on the forecourt was headed to a local mental hospital, giving the back-story a little bit of credibility. Well, kind of.

The Castle Point Transport Museum/The Asylum

As we’re approaching Halloween, where Hollywood would have us believe that ghosts, ghouls and the occasional serial killer comes out to play so it was the perfect night out. The museum became a ‘Scarefest’ maze inhabited by the escaped psychotic prisoners. They lurked in dark corners, on deserted buses and in the displays waiting to frighten the next unwitting group of  visitors. Wielding chainsaws and butchers’ knives, to the modern bus-user these inmates were nothing that isn’t the norm on the number 27. It says something about today’s society when the group of senior citizens who wandered the dark corridors with us were not fazed at all.

Will we survive the night??

Or something.

You’ll be happy to know, dear reader(s) that we all survived and celebrated with tea and hot chocolate, because, you know, we’re that cool.

We did survive! Yay!

It was a brave move from a museum that is only open two days a month during the summer and one that I think was well received by the local community.

Not a traditional adventure in a museum by any means, but it is certainly one that we won’t forget in a while.


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  1. Sally Fung says:

    Was the event well attended Jack? Smaller museums really have to put their thinking caps on to try and get punters inside and constantly have different things going on. BTW how did your application form go and have you any news?

    1. The event was well attended. It was the best turnout I’ve seen at the museum for a long long time. They are closed for the winter now, it was nice to see them go out with a bang 😀 (Should hear back any day now…)

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