One Man and His (Robot) Dog

As part of their quaint but quirky Doctor Who in Comics exhibit, the Cartoon Museum had an extra special visitor today; a Time Lord’s best friend, the one, the only… K9!

“Hang on a minute…” I hear you ask, “Didn’t you see K9 recently? There was a picture when you were at that robot thing, right?”

Well, yes, but this K9 is THE K9, the one actually used in the show. The one from the earlier post was just a toy version, not the one that has been helping The Doctor save the universe since 1977.

His ears waggle and everything.

K9 the er.. Canine!

K9 was at the Cartoon Museum as part of the Bloomsbury festival, and everyone with a festival booklet enjoyed free entry as did ALL under 18s (but they always enjoy free entry, once you Grow Up it is £3 for students, £4 for concessions and £5.50 for adults. The Cartoon Museum receives NO funding at all and so has to charge).

There was a brief and informative talk from K9’s keeper, the appropriately named Dale Who, but the Q and A with the kids stole the show. “Are you an alien?” asked one, perhaps thinking that the Doctor was trying to hide behind an alter ego.

Accompanied by my own companion, Imogen, we explored the rest of the Cartoon Museum, a treasure trove of classic cartoons, comics and caricatures stuffed full of historic Hogarths and satirical Steadmans. This museum is definitely one of London’s hidden gems.

I haven’t gone into much detail about the exhibition as I have already written about it for Kids in Museums and you can read it here: there is also a(nother) picture of me wearing the Fez. Fezs are cool.

Doctor Who in Comics is on until 30/10/11 catch it while you can!


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  1. Polly says:

    Ahhh K9! I feel he would make the perfect pet. I also feel I need to make you a hat.

    1. Any kind of head-wear would be very, very, very nice. Thank you, Polly. I MUST visit you soon!

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