All we hear is…RADIO GAGA!

You wouldn’t believe the amount of self restraint it has taken to not shoe-horn in some song lyrics somewhere as yet. This has changed for this post because of one very important reason…

I was on the wireless today! And it (for lack of a better, less over-used and generic phrase) ROCKED. You can listen to it here:

(I’m in the bit dated 19/10/11 in the 12 o’clock slot, about 35 mins in)

This sudden change of medium is relevant to this blog; I promise you, dear reader, as I was talking about Kids in Museums; a really dynamic charity that gives a voice to the museum visitor. I’ve been working with Kids in Museums since late January doing all sorts of fun things and now we are launching our annual Family Friendly Museum Award for 2012.

Nominations are open until December 2nd, so if you and your family have had an amazing experience in a museum – maybe a gallery attendant took the time to talk to you about an object in a little more depth or gave you an impromptu tour, maybe the staff in general were really welcoming, or maybe because the place just had a vibe that you liked, now is the time to shout it from the roof-tops.

Also, just to make sure the folks at Kids in Museums find out about it, email us at:

But that’s not all, folks!

I was out spreading the Kids in Museums message at the new and shiny Isis Education Centre in Hyde Park; an interesting, entertaining and environmentally friendly educational facility aimed primarily at schools rather than visitors. The centre looks at the natural world using a mix of getting your hands dirty and shiny technology. My guide, Clare, told me how one group of school children had been planting shrubs and flowers and could remember exactly which ones were ‘theirs.’

The building is designed to blend in with the landscape, which it does, but perhaps a bit too well. It took me an hour to find the place! It isn’t on the maps yet, but they’re working on it!

By the way… the people at the Isis Centre had a really innovative approach to funding: selling the plaques around this statue. There were about 1000 plaques so I wonder how much they managed to raise… It’s a lovely statue, let’s all admire it now.

Isis by the Serpentine



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