Oh I do like to be beside the sea, and drink tea

What do you do after you’ve learnt about dead Egyptians? That’s right; you explore the rest of the museum and see what other treats are on offer. Luckily the Brighton Museum and Art Gallery has plenty including, oddly, a puppet theatre. I felt obligated to try it out.

Spot the puppet...


But what else do you do?  Drink tea, naturally! But, alas, William had forgotten to pack the hats, so the following is not an account of a Mad Hatters’ Tea Party but rather a Mad Hatless Tea Party…

After wandering around the museum, my feet and Will’s were weary and in need of a rest. We reach the cafe, sit down and admire the view. Clearly, Will has an eye for the best seat in the house as we were able to enjoy this stunning view of the lower gallery.

Possibly the best view in a museum cafe; a new standard has been set.

Again, amazing.

And then the tea arrived. Just look at that tea pot. Isn’t it just the most beautiful teapot you’ve ever seen?

Utterly amazing.

The tea itself wasn’t too bad. No complaints here. The only thing that raised an eyebrow was the price. Don’t get me wrong, but at £1.80 it was 50p more expensive than the London museums I’ve visited so far! 50p more!

However, I did get the equivalent of four whole cups so technically it was 45p per cup. Bargain. Top that off with table service and this hatless hatter wasn’t so mad.

Amazingly amazing.


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