Why is a Roman like a Writing-desk? (Part Two of A Very Mad Tea-Party)

As far as I can tell, a Roman is not like a writing desk at all. The title of this tantalising titbit comes from the riddle asked by the Hatter at his mad tea-party. Alice aficionados already knew that, of course.

But where do Romans come into it at all? Where was the tea? And, more importantly, was it any good?

Well, put on the kettle and let me tell you everything…

Are you ready? Good.

This afternoon at work, I had just taken a couple of bites of my sandwich when I look up and am greeted by a sight that really made me happy; a Roman getting a cup of tea from the staff canteen.

A Roman. Drinking Tea.

“There’s a Roman getting tea.” I thought to myself, “Of COURSE there’s a Roman getting tea.”

So, living in the world of social media that we do, I take some sneaky snapshots to share with the world.


My favourite responses (so far) have been:

@ImogenRHill: “Looks like your hand was shaking with excitement when you took that one…”

@aglmasters: “Walk up to him and inform him that he’s an anachronism.”

Onto the tea now, and I have to say that the tea is one of my favourite things about my job. I have total control over the strength and have a choice between English Breakfast, Earl Grey and Green. Most importantly it is a superbly subsidised 30p. Thirty whole English pennies. For tea. In a Museum. Wonderful. (Romans not always included).

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