On the Train to Neverwhere

This Adventure isn’t inspired by Wonderland; this is more of an arm chair adventure. Well, to be more accurate it is a train seat adventure.

Recently I’ve been plagued with transport issues and while these issues aren’t brilliant for keeping to a timetable -there have been many, many refrains of “I’m late! I’m late!”- it has been rather good for just sitting back reading. The train gets where it needs to eventually and so do I.

It’s funny how books can transport you somewhere else without nearly as much fuss and hassle as public transportation. On this particular occasion both my book and my train were taking me to the same place: the British Museum. (Yes, I am aware I talk about this museum a lot, but I work there so it gives me lots of material).

The book in question was Neil Gaiman’s Neverwhere and while it was taking me to the British Museum, it wasn’t quite taking me to the one I’m so familiar with. As it was published in 1996, it was visualised without the Great Court.

Minor building alterations aside, there was something which made me smile to myself.  There is an exhibition in Gaiman’s novel called Angles Over England. It features angels, lots of them. It just so happens that an angel is what Gaiman’s heroes are after, and it just so happens that the BM’s current exhibition, Treasures of Heaven, features an angel too.

Here she is:

The image of the winged figure was later adopted by Christiansas the standard angel image. But who is she? Iris? A siren? A harpy?

Ok, so she isn’t flying over England but the coincidence cheered me up.

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